Social Studies

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Term 2

The Big Ideas
Heritage and Identity:
Communities in Canada, Past and Present
Big Idea #1
Significant events in different communities have contributed to the development of the identity of that community and of Canada.
Big Idea #2
Many different communities have made significant contributions to Canada’s development.
Big Idea #3
Different groups may experience the same development or event in different ways.
Essential Questions (Questions directly from the Curriculum)
1. In what ways is your story part of the story of Canada?
2. How have different communities contributed to the evolution of Canadian identity?
    What experiences have shaped the stories of different communities in Canada?
    What experiences have shaped the story of your own community?
3. How do we determine the importance of certain developments or events?
    Why might an event or development be important to one group but not to others? 

Link to Symbaloo research links: Symbaloo Social Studies

Term 1

Here are the Big Ideas we are looking at:
Big Idea # 1
Canada and Canadians participate in the world in many different ways.
Big Idea #2
The actions of Canada and Canadians can make a difference in the world.
Big Idea #3
Global issues require global action.

Essential Questions:
1. What do Canada and Canadians do for other people around the world? What else can we do?
2. Why is it important for Canada to be involved with countries around the world?
    Why does the well-being of the world’s people and the environment depend on international                    cooperation?
3. In what ways is Canada’s economy related to the global economy? How have natural disasters affected Canada and the world? 

Learning Goals:
1. I will understand the involvement of Canada and Canadians in some regions around the world, including the impact of this involvement
 2. I will explain the importance of international cooperation in addressing global issues, and evaluate the effectiveness of selected actions by Canada and Canadian citizens in the international arena
 3. I will use the social studies inquiry process to investigate some global issues of political, social, economic, and/or environmental importance, their impact on the global community, and responses to the issues

Friday, September 27

This page will guide you in searching for answers to your Haiti Earthquake questions. They are the question you wrote under W in your K-W-L chart.
Social Studies Haiti Research Guide

This is the link to the first video we watched to get our 'minds on':

This is the link to Tilley's story:

This is a link to a map that shows the history of natural disasters around the world. What is unique about Haiti?

Here’s an interview with a 10 year old survivor
Other videos by UN

Choose a natural disaster and location somewhere outside of Canada (links to help)
Helpful links


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