Exciting new link to math contest and game site: Sumdog!
Northwood Sumdog class
Students can log in and play games, compete in contests around the world and complete lessons online.

Ontario Ministry of Education math resources all in one place!

Here are some places to look for help with our Patterning Unit.

Clever Carl! Read about a mathematician who discovered a way to add consecutive numbers when he was very young. His method might come in handy for you!
Triangle Numbers - We made a chart of triangular numbers in our notebooks. Visit this site to learn more about how understanding triangle numbers can help you solve problems in mathematics.
A Triangle Number shortcut can be found at the this online glossary page.
Pascal's Triangle offers so many patterns that we didn't get to discuss them all in class. Check out this page to investigate further.


  1. Thank you Mrs.Pike this helps alot before a math test.

  2. thank you mrs pike you have been helping us so much that I am thankful to have you as an great teacher

  3. Thank you, Mrs. Pike for putting this website to make sure we understand what we are learning because if we don't, we can come to our blog to make sure everything is clear! This shows me you care about our learning because you even posted extra work for us to study!! I am so grateful to have you as my teacher!! :)

  4. thank you mrs pike Doha has learned a lot from symbaloo and when she dose not have anything to do I remind her to use the web sites and she had learned a lot thank you so much

  5. That is wonderful to hear! I like the kids to have a lot of choice about the homework and the Symbaloo page has been really helpful. Thank you for taking the time to comment.