Monday, March 31, 2014

Inquiry Celebration

We appreciate our guest, Ms McDonald, for coming to give us feedback on our Inquiry Projects. 
Students took notes from other student projects and left them feedback to improve their own. 
Using QR codes is a fun way to share our amazing videos!
Students used tablets, laptops, iPads and personal devices to create and view all kinds of tech projects. 
Mr. Pillon was wowed by the work all of the students shared. Watch for links to the projects once final edits have been completed!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Sumdog National Contest Results

Our students recently competed in a nation-wide math contest on the Sumdog web site. 47 students from 6Pike and 6Seguin competed and answered 12 269 questions correctly! So proud of the students for representing Northwood at the National level. Students have fun playing the Sumdog games and practice valuable skills that help them meet their individual math learning goals.

Special recognition goes to Aidan, Namanya, Harkarn, Sunvir, and Ayesha for answering 1000 questions correctly.

The London area schools have started a new contest that we have entered. The London contest runs from March 21-27. Let's see if we can top the success of our National contest!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Lego Club Begins!

Some kids wanted to try building a Lego kit using directions. This kit makes a train. 
Aboudi asks "Mrs Pike, why can't we have Lego club every day?"
Keegan made a ship but he had to take it apart. 
Mohammad did not want to take his spaceship apart. 

Ali and Moamal made an airplane!
Free building using their imaginations!
Looking forward to the next Lego Club on Thursday :)