Thursday, October 31, 2013

Assembly was amazing!

I am so proud of our students! They have been engaged in a Social Studies Inquiry to learn about ways Canadians help other countries. After Mr. Jim Scott's presentation about Enable Haiti's efforts to help orphaned and disabled children, our students decided to help out by holding a clothing and shoe drive.Students created a slide show to educate the school about the needs in Haiti and then started the school off by placing the first 40 items of clothing in the collection boxes. Their goal is to collect 1000 articles of clothing and 500 pairs of shoes! Check back to read student posts about our progress toward these ambitious goals.
Slide show photos with Haitian children wearing clothes from Windsor Essex county. These clothes were delivered by Enable Haiti on their last trip. 

So grateful to parents who took the time to come out to the assembly.

Students in grade 6Pierce and 6Pike start off the clothing and shoe drive with the first donations.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

What We Learned

Dear families,

Welcome back to blog! Recently we have been asking questions about our chosen natural disaster. We started to make predictions and answers to the questions we made. We have been using the tablets and our own devices to research about our disasters. On November 1st our class will be collaborating with Mrs. Pierce's class to do a presentation about our disasters in front of Northwood School. Our classes will make speeches, posters , slideshows { Imovies }, etc.

In math class we started to learn about new AWESOME patterns. The patterns that we are learning right now are called Digital Roots. These patterns are made up by multiplying two digits like 8 x 4 = 32 then you add the 2 digits in the number 3 + 2 = 5 so then the 5 is your digital root if u keep continuing multiplying 2 digits and than adding the 2 digits u will come up with a AMAZING PATTERN! Try it out you will be Amazed! After we found out a lot of digital roots and patterns we started to make visuals to show the patterns with the SPECTACULUR COURTNEY! (Mrs Pike's daughter)

By : Ryan and Rodi on the behalf of 6Pike!

Thank you for taking your time to read our blog post!

         Dear families,

Welcome  back to our BLOG! We are the LAKERS writing this weeks blog post from  6 pike!!!
This week, we have been working  very ,very hard on our social studies with the 3 main focuses of Literacy:questioning ,predicting and answering! Soon we will be also hosting an assembly on October 30th,2013 where we will be presenting our full understanding  about Haiti and the Natural disaster in 2010 with a visual and oral presentation. In math we are starting a new unit all about patterns and how to identify patterns. 6 pike has arranged  our literacy block  to help us use our time affectively altogether. In Our French class we have been working on presenting about our self orally in French using Smart Notebook "Je me Presente".6Pike and 6Pierce are working on our fitness goals and attaining our Smart Goals and catching up on our Healthy eating goals too.

Sincerely , 
          The Lakers :)
    Come back next time to get a new update on your Childs learning from our class!!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Apple Crisp Baking with Early Years

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Technology of all kinds

Today in Social Studies, we had the choice to use iPads, Surface tablets or laptops. Baqer, Imaya and Angelo chose the laptop to do group writing of a letter to the Red Cross. 
Harkarn, Alex and Rodi are using the iPad to create a multimedia presentation about the 2009 Indonesia Earthquake. 

Fatima, Halima and Mazin are using the Surface tablet to look up songs on YouTube that they can rewrite to be a song about Hurricane Katrina. 

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Literacy Block

Students are becoming more independent during our literacy block. These pictures show students engaged in independent, partner and group tasks. Some tasks involve technology, some art and others Social Studies. 

The Recording Studio is a popular choice! Thanks, Maaheen for making our awesome sign!

Percy Jackson is a popular character in our class!

Grade one buddies

Dear Parents,

           Sartaj and Zacaria are writing on behalf of 6pike.Today we went to Mrs.Dadd's class to teach the grade ones about how to use the laptops. Under this post, you will see pictures of the students of 6pike teaching the grade one students how to properly use the laptops. We felt proud, because we taught them instead of being taught.


                              Zacaria and Sartaj on behalf of 6Pike. :)

Inquiry Buddies

Grade 6 students are good Knights! Teaching Miss Dadd's Grade one students how to use the laptops. 

Friday, October 18, 2013

Haiti Presentation

We were honored to have Mr. Jim Scott, from Ground Effects and Enable Haiti, in to speak to us about Canadian relief efforts in Haiti. Students asked many, many thoughtful questions (Jim said our class holds the record for the most and best questions!). Watch for future posts from students about what they learned. 
Parents, please ask your child to tell you about how Canadians are helping victims of this natural disaster. 

Friday, October 4, 2013


Dear Families,

LAST WEEK, 6Pike and 6Pierce's class did a dance workout. We had a lot of fun ,we had a
visitor come over who's name is Cory, he can do lots of dances like, break dancing ,hip hop, he has also been in a show for to do dances .First, he taught us the moves of the dance step by step , and we
kept on practicing every single time . We were all doing the dances in lines of people, it was really exciting. Everyone was having a lot of fun and Cory was really happy from us.
After we were done practicing the dance, we did some cool down stretches with some of our favourite music  .Cory also showed us a big high ballet jump it was amazing! Then it was time for Cory to leave and we all had a class picture with him . Come back next week and see what Cory has in store for us!!!!


From: Urooj 6Pike

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Dear Families,

You are reading back from students of 6Pike! This week is: Pike’s 6 Collaborating Minions. (Week of September the 23th)


On Thursday, in Phys.Ed, we were excited meet a choreographer named Cory. Cory is a dancer who was in the show “So You Think You Can Dance”. He taught us cool moves and the secret about stretching (Breathing.) He helped us meet our goal by participating in activities and we were able to do the activities with-out being out of breath (that means we are fit) we are monitoring our fitness. Also on Thursday our teacher (Mrs. Pike) was not here to attend but and we missed her ALOT! 😢 On Friday we were expecting Mrs. Pike to be back, but she wasn’t. We enjoyed our day with another sub and we did our bio-poems about a special person in our life and we played silent-ball for DPA.




Pike’s 6 Collaborating Minions. 🌈✳✴✨

Mya, Fatima, Imaya, Jasmine, Bryan and Mohammed

Come back to see what were up to in 6Pike!
Dear families,
             On Thursday, September 26th 2013, in Physical Education, we were entered into a Dance Mania! Professional choreographer, Corey came to Northwood to teach the grade 6's how to dance! We had a blood-pumping, sweaty warm-up that we did to the beat of the song. After that... went straight to dancing! It was a quick step dance, that means you have to do the moves as quick as you can, but to the beat of the music, which in case the song was Safe and Sound by Capital Cities. We learned new moves which made the whole dance so enjoyable! We practiced the dance many times. So many times that people even collapsed, panting! It helped me reach one of my goals, because I think one of my goals were that I should dance and do active activities more! We hope Cory comes back to teach us more exciting Dance moves!!

Come back next week to see what else we are up to in 6Pike! :)

  By: Imaya In 6Pike, on behalf of the Pike's 6 Collaborating Minions! :)
Dear Parents ,
Today in gym class, with our 2 awesome grade 6 classes (6 Pike, 6 Pierce) and our very special guest .... Corey !!!  Corey had helped us improve on our way of stretching  and a mini lesson
on following our dreams and passions like he did with dancing. He gave a full 1 hour experience on dancing threw stretches and how it helps us. This class with Corey helped me and my peers to meet our SMART goals, by knowing not to give up and  how exercising will also help us monitor our own FITNESS level, with safety and active participation. I  hope Corey comes back again with a new dance experience!!!😉😊

By: Sarah 6 PIKE on behalf of THE LAKERS

Dancing with Corey!

 Welcome back to the blog!

A few weeks ago, We had Phys.Ed. It was AWESOME! We learned the secrets of stretching and the secret is to breathe. We did lots of new dance moves to songs and eventually we got pretty good. It helped us achieve our goals by doing dance moves that help us practice the 4 health related fitness components: muscular endurance, cardiorespiratory endurance, flexibility and muscular strength. The dance was so fun!! Come back next week to see videos of us dancing!

Written by: Ryan on the behalf of The 6 Smurfs!

                        Dancing With Corry

WOW! That work-out was spectacular we had an hour long dance work-out with Corry. We learned a whole routine step by step and learned some new moves! It helped us try to challenge our fitness level and understand how healthy we really are! THOSE 2$ WERE WORTH IT!

From: Maaheen

Behalf of 6 Minions ( Hanna Namanya Aidan Angelo and Yousef )